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Nit-pickers Lice Removal Services and Products

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“South Africa’s Lice Clinic”

The Nit-pickers, launched in July 2011, is the original South African lice clinic and now boasts multiple branches nationally. The Nit-pickers team is dedicated to the safe, secure, efficient and highly effective treatment of head lice and nits. We are committed to ridding the country of lice and do so by not only offering a guaranteed treatment service, but also by imparting valuable information about head lice and the correct treatment methods for this aggravating affliction on to our clients.

As the leading head lice and nit removal professionals in the country, The Nit-pickers team is not only the most knowledgeable, but also has the most experience in SA.  We have pioneered an industry, with small start-ups following in our footsteps. We strive to continually and consistently provide the most advanced lice treatments and up to date  information available.

The Nit-pickers lice removal services and products

The Nitpickers provides a revolutionary 100% organic product treatment service. Further to our successful treatment of lice infestations, we supply 100% organic lice prevention products. We are highly educated in the treatment of head lice and use only proven and successful solutions to eliminate these parasites from the scalp and hair.

The Nit-pickers lice removal salons have been designed with you and your child in mind. Our salons are places where our clients feel comfortable and you and your child will be made to feel at ease. We are truly dedicated to the eradication of this scourge and offer an array of services that have been created to assist the community and schools in dealing with lice and nits.

For the most professional, experienced lice removal technicians (we have treated thousands of happy clients), look no further than South Africa’s original lice clinic.

Value added Nit-pickers services include:

The professional lice treatment device:

The professional lice treatment device kills lice AND their eggs (nits) without the use of chemicals or harmful pesticides which are commonly used in the treatment of lice. The device is FDA cleared and is proven to kill every stage of head lice development.  Treatment is performed by professionals.

The comb-out, using only the best fine tooth comb is INCLUDED as part of the treatment and can take between 25 and 180 minutes, depending on the hair’s length, thickness and the severity of the infestation.

Our lice preventative products :

Once treatment has been performed, we recommend the best, organic preventative products for daily use, as well as provide our clients with expert information to assist with reducing the chances of children being re-infested with lice.  Our online store makes it easy for clients to continue using the preventative products without leaving home.

The lice removal experts

Your children deserve to be treated by the experts.  For the safest and most effective lice and nit treatment, The Nit-pickers lice salon is the ideal solution for you! Our trained and experienced operators will ensure that you experience the best service, product excellence and knowledge! Whilst your children are watching DVD’s, playing Playstation, or watching cartoons (to name but a few), one quick treatment will rid your family of lice and nits.

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