Success is earned, not stolen.

Being the very first lice clinic to open in South Africa has been challenging to say the least. Actually, opening any new business (without even introducing a brand new concept) is very difficult and requires incredible amounts of hard work and perseverance.

What is absolutely astounding is the copycats… they will always be there, we had no doubt from the beginning – they were going to start sooner or later. What surprises us most though, is the level of copying. Is there absolutely no originality? The imitation starts from concept right through to phrases that we coined from the first day of trading: school screenings being only one of them, our payoff line becoming their business name as this is how our clients got to know us, website plagiarism, adding a franchise page to their site about two days after we had added one, not having the originality to source their own products, and of course, my favourite to date: them even having the cheek to start following our blog so that they receive emails every time we post anything. I have no doubt they have started blogging already too.

My advice to any ‘entrepeneur’ (copycat) is exactly as the header states… success is earned, not stolen. Become at least a little creative and try to be innovative – come up with your own ideas. If you cannot do these things you are always simply going to be a follower…