Mandy and The Nit-pickers: South Africa’s ‘Lice-saver’

The sooner parents spot a lice infestation in their children, the easier it is to treat your child yourself. Many parents are not even aware that their child has lice, as not every person starts to itch immediately. Itching is caused by an allergy to the bite and sometimes a child will only start to itch when an infestation has become so severe, it is difficult to treat at home.

Once you have reached this point, it will either take hours, days, weeks, or even months to manually remove every last unhatched nit. If unhatched nits remain in the hair, they will simply hatch and you will start the same process all over again – week in and week out. If you find yourself in this situation then it has become a job for the professionals. The Nit-pickers was the very first Lice Clinic to launch in SA and with almost two and a half years experience, we are the trusted and only choice for the safe, efficient, effective eradication of even the worst head lice and nit infestations – see article attached.