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School Screening and Detection

School Partnership Programme
The Nit-pickers were (again) first to launch the school screening program as part of our vision to reducing lice epidemics (such as the one that occurred in 2011) in South Africa. As parents, we can all remember having lice checks at school and these have proven to be highly effective in reducing major outbreaks at schools and nursery schools.

Many schools have, at some point, requested assistance from either the Dept. of Education or City Health, to no avail. Out of pure frustration, parents typically place the blame and the burden on the schools. Adding to this a large percentage of parents are unaware of the lice problem we’re faced with, or simply fail to detect a lice infestation in their children.

For a minimal fee, Nit-pickers assist schools with a detection and intervention service. Our procedure begins with an inspection of all students (pre-primary, primary and secondary school). Following detection, certificates are issued and a consultation service is arranged with parents (should they want it), including specialist treatment and preventative maintenance, from the child, to the home. We provide parents with information to assist with treatment and prevention should they prefer to treat their children themselves. Many parents simply do not know what they are looking for when checking for lice and are unsure how to treat their children (safely and effectively) should their child contract lice. We offer our partner schools informative, expert, educational sessions at parents’ evenings at no additional charge.

Nit-pickers has already partnered with many schools, who, like us, are serious about ridding their schools of lice. Our school partnership program includes rewards for both the school and the parents, ensuring that lice eradication and maintenance of a lice free school is exactly that.. a partnership program between the school, the Nit-pickers and the parents.

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“It is possible for schools to control the situation and return some of the responsibility to the parents, as with academics, working together for the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of South Africa’s children.” Mandy Davis CEO

Benefits of School Screening

Lice and nits are detected at an early stage and treated before they spread to the rest of the family/school.

The chances of other children being infected are drastically reduced, as infected pupils may not attend school until they have a clearance certificate from either Nit-pickers, or a registered clinic.

School screening encourages home screening and eliminates diagnostic confusion.

Partnership with Nit-pickers demonstrates the commitment to parents that the school is dedicated to eradicating and maintaining a lice free school, fostering an environment that promotes healthy, happy students.

Parents have direct access to Nit-pickers for treatment and/or advice.

Minimal time off school.

Prevention is better than cure.


“Thank you so very much for making our Nit-picking experience as painless as possible. The whole event was handled with care and sensitivity causing no embarrassment or discomfort to our students. The parents were very impressed with the certificates and were relieved to know that their children had been properly checked. We will definitely be using you regularly and will highly recommend you to everyone else that could use your services! Chandré Roux – Bateleur College (Pty) Ltd.”

“Craighall Primary School was fortunate to have ‘Nit-pickers’ suggested by one of its parents. The suggestion stemmed from the family struggling to control the lice infestation due to constant re-infestation. We, as a school, realised the difficulty if parents are working in isolation, this can only be remedied if it’s addressed as a school as a whole. Nit-pickers then set a date and arrived promptly and well equipped. During the screening the team worked professionally and they were sensitive to the situation. They were kind and gentle with the pupils as they checked. The actual lice cases were handled with tact and diplomacy. They were found to be a lovely, friendly team of ladies who do a most unpleasant job with a smile on their faces. All in all the staff and parents felt that this was a worthwhile exercise. Andrea Prout-Jones – Craighall Primary”