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family-doing-lice-treatmentThe head lice treatment is a revolutionary new way to kill head lice and their eggs without using pesticides or chemicals. Clinical studies have shown that the treatment kills all stages of head lice including infestations with pesticide-resistant lice and in individuals who have asthma, allergies, or other conditions that preclude traditional chemical treatments. Treatment is performed by a trained Certified Operator.

NO CHEMICALS ARE USED! The lice treatment device simply blows out a controlled amount of heated air and dehydrates the lice and eggs (nits.) An average of 30 minutes is required to make sure the whole scalp has been treated.

Once treatment is completed, a comb-out with a fine-tooth louse comb is done to remove the dead lice and eggs, as well as any unlikely, but possible live lice that managed to survive. Depending on the thickness of the hair and the extent of the infestation, this comb-out can take between 15 and 90 minutes and is included as part of the treatment service provided by the Nit-pickers team.

Each client receives treatment certificate upon completion. We recommend the use of natural preventative shampoo’s after the treatment has been done.

Organic Product Treatments

Children under 4 years old and boys and men with short hair are treated with 100% organic treatment products. NO CHEMICALS ARE USED! We pride ourselves in being able to offer a safe, efficient and effective head lice treatment solution for every client.

Mobile Head Lice Treatment

We know how busy a parent’s life is – it is not always possible to get where you need to be. The Nit-pickers mobile team will travel to you and provide the same, amazing service in the comfort of your own home. Treatment cost does not change for a home visit, however, a call out fee and travel is chargeable.

General Screening and Detection and Lice Clearance Certificates

Until you have dealt with a lice infestation, you may be unaware of the signs and symptoms of lice and very often parents suspect their children are infested, however, they simply have a general allergy or a case of dry scalp. The Nit-pickers screens clients and consults with them on the most effective treatment available. Clients that have been screened for lice and are clear are provided with clearance certificates for school or their place of employment.

School Screening and Detection

“It is possible for schools to control the situation and return some of the responsibility to the parents, as with academics, working together for the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of South Africa’s children.” Mandy Davis CEO

Many schools have, at some point, requested assistance from either the Dept. of Education or City Health, to no avail. Out of pure frustration, parents typically place the blame and the burden on the schools. Adding to this a large percentage of parents are unaware of the lice problem we’re faced with, or simply fail to detect lice infestation in their children.
For a minimal fee, Nit-pickers assist schools with a detection and intervention service. Our procedure begins with an inspection of all students (pre-primary,primary and secondary school). Following detection a consultation service is arranged with parents, including specialist treatment and preventative maintenance, from the child, to the home.

Nit-pickers has already partnered with many schools, who, like us, are serious about ridding their schools of lice. Our school partnership programme includes rewards for both the school and the parents, ensuring that lice eradication and maintenance of a lice free school is exactly that.. a partnership programme between the school, the Nit-pickers and the parents. For more information on the benefits of our School Partnership Programme, visit our Partnership page.