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Many schools have, at some point, requested assistance from either the Dept. of Education or City Health, to no avail. Out of pure frustration, parents typically place the blame and the burden on the schools and the schools are looking to the parents to treat the lice infected children. Adding to this, a large percentage of parents are unaware of the lice problem we’re faced with, or simply fail to detect lice infestation in their children. Nit-pickers provides a holistic service that partners with both the schools and the parents to control the situation – as with academics, working together for the mental, emotional and physical well being of South Africa’s children.

School Screening Ad hoc

All pupils are examined for lice and nits as and when the school requires the service.

School Screening Monthly

All pupils are examined for lice and
nits on a monthly basis.

Clinic Screenings

Clients are screened in the
Nit-pickers salon.

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